*Rather than cracking jokes in drive time, Trapper Jack, as he’s better known to legions of radio fans, now spends his time in search of miracles and what he sees as evidence of God’s presence among us. Read full article
— Craig Webb, Akron Beacon Journal

*I’ve gone back to listen to the podcasts from the beginning, the more I listen, I finally get what Dr. Nemeh is talking about. It’s also true, the questions I [have for] God are being answered through the podcasts.
— Lee

*In my heart I feel as though I am the luckiest listener in the world. Such clear and specific teaching has been shared by your program. I guess the word is, real, it is so real to hear the voice of God, especially through Nemeh. It is Blind Faith Live that has touched people like nothing else. It is the most favorite time of my life to listen to you. It brings such a grace, not of this world.
— Thank you all, Markay

*I want to thank you and your wife, Elizabeth, for all the important information and miraculous stories you’ve shared. I would not be where I am now on my eight lane highway if it were not for the teachings of Dr. Nemeh that you have relayed in these podcasts.
— God bless, Mary

*As I was listening to your podcast, I realized that from an earthly perspective, you are blind… yet YOU are helping me to see!! It’s been like that from the first time I listened to you. I kept praying, “Lord, tell me the Truth, just give it to me straight”. And, as you and Dr. Nemeh explained things from a Christian and Catholic perspective, I believe I was being spiritually healed.
–Your friend, Lucy

*You have a special way of touching hearts and bringing them closer to God.
— Sue

*Thank you so much for the podcast! You guys have been such an inspiration to me and have brought me back to my faith. I am here to tell you that you are touching lives that you can’t even imagine. Thanks!
— Dan

*You and Elizabeth make a wonderful team. Thanks for all you do with Blind Faith Live. I knew the day you left radio, God had plans for you!!!
— Kathy

*I enjoy your podcasts. There were so many great insights. Kathy Nemeh makes me laugh and laugh and laugh, she is a great storyteller.
— Mary

*The Holy Spirit is working through you and drawing those who will hear the message. I can tell you that your show has completely changed my life. I have been a believer for years, but it never reached a level of power where it actually, fundamentally, changed my behavior until I listened to your show.
In desperation, I searched for “Blind Faith” because I knew that is what I needed and it led me to this priceless treasure. I am still in the midst of the storm, and your show has literally been a lifeline. Instead of turmoil and despair, I have found joy and peace. If I start sliding into a dark place, all I have to do is listen to an episode.
— Rene

*Thank you, Philip for helping me to trust the Holy Spirit more and continue to “try” to surrender.
— Annie

*Through a chance set of circumstances I found your podcasts and took the time to listen to one of them. They brought me back to Jesus.
— Anthony

*What a great podcast Philip. We love the Dr. Nemeh truth being told.
— Mariusz

*Special thanks for your consistent upbeat and hopeful attitude.
— Anne

*Philip Keller is like John the Baptist in the wilderness, but he is proclaiming to people to wake up and realize God is far from boring and far more interesting than anything else on this planet!
— Heidi

*Philip and Beth, Thank you both for everything you have brought to my life with your work on Blind Faith Live! You are both a blessing to this world.
— Kandice, Canada

*I hope you appreciate what you are bringing to the world. Your podcast has pulled me closer to God and gotten me through some difficult times. I listen to podcasts almost continuously during the day so I can say with some expertise that Blind Faith Live is one of the best and it’s message is by far the best. Your work is making a difference in this world and I wanted to express my undying gratitude for your efforts. God bless you! A big fan and someone who is now talking to Jesus every day because of your work.
— Thad, Charlotte, NC

*I think the thing I enjoy most about Blind Faith Live is that it is God centered. You describe your ministry as Christian and you don’t focus on Catholic beliefs as much as God’s truth. I attend a Pentecostal Church and your podcast has shown me that God directs the steps of His believers and the miracles, signs and wonders are not denominational.
— God Bless, Ron

*I am enjoying these so much! Thanks for stepping out and creating this “ministry” for real people.
— Therese

*Philip, there are no words that can adequately convey how thankful I am for your talk show. Your show has been life changing for me. Never doubt that you are doing God’s work. You are touching lives in ways that you cannot even begin to fathom.
— Aurora

*Thank you Philip and Issam for this wonderful communication. This knowledge has been lost but now Dr. Nemeh helps us to gain it back. I can’t wait for the second outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
— Mariusz

*You are doing an amazing job and it is so obvious how God is working through you. Thank you!
— Sue

*Thank you, Philip, for this wonderful podcast. I’m learning more and becoming more attuned to the true definition of faith.
— Peace and God’s Blessings to You, Harold

*I’m glad you decided to use Patreon. I first learned of Patreon through the Indie band Pamplamoose from one of it’s co-creators, Jack Conte. But your endeavor is the first one I’ve ever contributed to! God Bless,
— Sook

*You are headed for a wide audience! Never lose your authenticity and humorous honesty. It’s a pleasure to listen to you while you are “delivering” – like the donkey – Jesus to many people. Love and blessings,
— Therese

*I am so glad that Blind Faith Live and Philip Keller have this recognition (NBC Nightly News, Making A Difference). I expect everyone will be listening and hearing these miraculous stories soon. They give us such hope and vital information. I feel so blessed to have seen Dr. Nemeh on Dr. Oz by chance that day. Or was it? …..
— Heidi

*I just wanted to thank you so much for the podcasts. They have helped me so much. I’m so thankful for you, Dr. Nemeh, Kathy and everyone involved in this podcast.
— Thanks and God Bless you! Andrea

*I appreciate all the time and effort you’ve put into these podcasts … Thanks for letting us in and allowing us to grow with you.  Or, perhaps some of us have grown on you.. more like mold?  Ha.  Either way…thanks a bunch!  You’re the best!
— Linda

*Thank you always, words can not explain the benefits of these podcasts to me and my husband. My life is BLESSED.
— Valerie

*I just love, love, these podcasts and look forward to hearing the next one. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
— Kathy

— George

*Oh my gosh…I’m so glad that I can finally learn things from a trustworthy source! You need to buy out the History Channel…I love learning! Thanks for all you do…God bless!
— Linda

*Great job Philip. I am deeply touched by every episode.
— God bless, Gary

*Dear Philip, I want to thank you for the beautiful Good Friday Shroud of Turin and the Miracle of the Holy Fire podcast.  It brought me to tears, as do most of your podcasts. I also went to see the movie, “Heaven is for Real,” and was very touched and grateful, it was well done.
— God Bless You, Mary

*”It’s a vitamin B12 shot” of uplifting stories from people who have been healed by God! Insights by Dr. Nemeh are full of information. Thank you so much for having these available to all! He is a man with UNSHAKEABLE FAITH! Thanks again for all who have come together to make this possible!
— Jo

*Several times I have prayed for an answer regarding something I am confused about or curious about or even in severe anguish over and then the answer I need is in the podcast. These are so vital and important in my life. If it’s like that for me then I’m certain there are thousands of people whose lives are being changed by Blind Faith Live. You may not yet realize how big this is. I thank you so much. Thanks be to God for this good work!
— Yours in Jesus, Debra in Seattle

*First, I would like to say thank you for putting this website together. It has been so helpful to me in my life. It gives me so much hope.
— Megan

— Dean

*All I know is that I can’t seem to stop sharing this. I am hooked on these podcasts. You played such an important role in my healing by putting this information out there & by responding to my email with encouraging words. I can’t thank you enough.
— Linda

*Thanks Philip for providing such a great show! I’m currently stationed in Afghanistan for the Navy, and I know that this part of the world is filled with evil influences. Listening to your podcast show via an RSS feed is a breath of fresh air here.
— Sincerely, Sook, LCDR USNR

*You make me laugh so hard and I’m learning so much!
— Love,  Joy XXOO

*Awesome job as usual! You really are a great personality and you make me laugh…and I appreciate you always asking the right questions for the doc to answer!   — –Linda

*Thank you Philip! The work you all do on Blind Faith Live touches many people in many ways. When I am struggling, I will go to Blind Faith Live and as I listen and pray, I experience an improved sense of well being.
— Paula

*Thanks for your great show. Thanks so much for your time and terrific radio ministry. You have a fun, down-to-earth, and sincere manner. Great job.
— Sincerely, Matt