A Critical Message from Jesus


Issam Insights with Dr. Issam Nemeh – Message from Jesus
Pointing again to the importance of our times, Jesus seems to be appearing to more children. Four-year old Aiden Kuack was one of those who saw Jesus in the sky above his backyard. He joins us on this podcast to deliver an important message from Jesus. Plus, reports from the Middle East say Muslim adults are converting to Christianity because of nightly dreams with Jesus.

We have all noticed the sharp uptick in miracle stories surrounding Dr. Nemeh. It seems almost everybody is being touched by Jesus. Complete and partial physical healings, as well as spiritual healings are the norm. What’s the buzz Jesus?

What is Jesus up to? Is the time so critical that He is healing both the faithful as well as the nonbelievers? Dr. Issam Nemeh sees the urgency as well as the intensity of these manifestations.

2 thoughts on “A Critical Message from Jesus

  1. So Philip, the big event dr Nemeh been talking for last 3 years is it the 2nd Outpouring of the Holy-Spirit on all Christians?
    Will the weak Christians be also included or not?

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