Miracle in a Laundromat – BFL 151


Miracle in a Laundromat

Kathy Nemeh quickly discovered that dirty laundry was not the only reason she walked into a Westlake, Ohio, laundromat. A man from Tennessee, in obvious physical pain, was about to get a huge boost in his faith. The miracle in a laundromat is hilarious! The outcome is inspiring.

Miracle Moment
COPD is irreversible. It’s a lung disorder that creates constant fatigue and other physical issues. Dr. Ron Conklin is experiencing an ongoing miracle. His Dr Laura Dr. Ron Conklinpulmonary doctor has notice too. This healing is just not normal.┬áThe key to Ron’s turnaround is examined by his wife, Dr. Laura Conklin. As Dr. Issam Nemeh always says, love is the key.

Issam Insights
Dr. Nemeh puts the exclamation point on a story told by Philip Keller. Going to a Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game is Philip’s entry to this episode’s Bible study. Chapter 12 of Revelation leads our discussion of the end of this evil age.

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