Miracle Moment – Carma Glowacki


Carma was down to 80 pounds! Her condition was shared Carma Glowackiby only twenty-four others in the entire U.S. Diarrhea 15 to 20 times a day was not allowing any nutrition into her system. She was repeatedly in her hospital’s intensive care unit. She spent up to six months at a time in the hospital.

Carma’s first Dr. Nemeh healing service gave her few positive results. But at her second healing service, the necessity to forgive those who had wronged her, was completely embraced. It was only a matter of weeks, before her doctor was telling her that all 36 biopsies were negative. The doctor couldn’t explain it. Yet one more story of God holding back a complete healing until forgiveness had been issued. Forgiveness after all, is one of the integral parts of love.

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