Miracle Moment – Wake-Up Call for An Atheist


Does everyone ‘go to the light’ when they die? Howard StormApparently not. We talk to Howard Storm whose near-death experience took him far from heaven … to a demonic place filled with darkness. Howard, a life-long atheist, had a life-changing near-death experience. His story shows us that God never gives up on us … even after death.

1 thought on “Miracle Moment – Wake-Up Call for An Atheist

  1. It is reassuring, hearing the words of Blind Faith Live, that the reality of Jesus, and all the truths that we hold close to our hearts in the Catholic church, are for real. All my faith that I have owned for my whole life, but could not see, is becoming tangible. All the miracles of the bible and of the wonderful apparitions such as Lourdes, are not just a history lesson, but are happening today. I know I have had miracles happen in the simplest of my answered prayer, but the things I am hearing validate each of God’s connections with me.
    I learned from this story, to love the one you’re with! I struggle with that. I love my immediate family, including my dogs. I love Key people who God sent to me during my greatest needs. Somehow, all the rest I just am capable. My prayer needs to have Jesus and Mary teach me to love.

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