Miracle Prayer at the Grocery Checkout – BFL 186


miracle prayerMiracle Prayer
Kathy Nemeh ran into a doubter while checking out at the grocery store. The man in line behind Kathy had heard the miracle prayer story of Sophia Barr. Hospitalized and brain-dead, Sophia was revived during the prayers of Kathy and Dr. Issam Nemeh. The man pushing the grocery cart did not believe one syllable of the story. Mocking Kathy, he asked for a prayer to see whether or not he would ‘feel’ anything. Oh baby. Be careful what you ask for!

Miracle Moment
The wheels on the bus not only went up and down, they went from Brooklyn, New York to Cleveland, Ohio. On board was John Medina. At age 24, John is quite fit, with the exception of his scoliosis. This back issue is restricting many of the activities John wants to enjoy. John came for the physical healing, but received an even more impressive spiritual healing during an encounter with the prayer basket.

Issam Insights
With Philip Keller’s spiritual interpretation of John Lennon’s Imagine, Dr. Issam Nemeh directs us towards insights about the mind, commandments, feeling sorry for oneself, praying for sinful people, and if there is anything to fear in this life?

5 thoughts on “Miracle Prayer at the Grocery Checkout – BFL 186

  1. This episode just great.
    John, is just awesome. Honesty at its best. How can you ignore such a Spiritual awakening to hear John speak. Philip you’re his right hand man and every word he spoke was felt by all who listened. Most important to John, was that you listened. Your support and encouragement being there for him was the most important thing in his life. He could not have accomplished his new faith, new beginning,as such, without you there. God has placed you so directly for and with those who need that “touch of HIS garment”. Thank you Philip, again, for all you do with BFL.
    Kathy, at the grocery store, is so real, how I wish I could just hug her. Dr. Nemeh, you are priceless, and this world would not be the same without you.Your will to do God’s will is a perfect match, and the world is blessed by your obedience. Bless you all, Markay

  2. God bless young John! He seems open and honest. May the Holy Spirit reveal God’s love even more and more, and draw John into a deep relationship with Him. Gos bless the Nemehs and you and Beth, Philip!

  3. I absolutely love John!!! He’s awesome and I pray he finds love in his heart with the people he’s having trouble with:) He’s definitely going to inspire everyone!!!!! And best of luck with finding his way!!!!

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