Miracles Have Rules


“I am the eye in the sky, the maker of Miracles Have Rulesrules. I can read your mind.”  The Alan Parsons Project song is back again. It reminds us that God knows our heart. He knows how much we love and forgive. We can’t get anything past Him. He is the Eye in the sky, watching over all.

The big lesson in this podcast, is that He is the maker of rules. All kinds of rules. Including the rules that create miracles. At Dr. Nemeh healing services, we remind participants that when we love everyone, and forgive all, we are subject to a healing.

In terms of why Dr. Nemeh’s prayers are so powerful, there is more involved. We all can have more powerful prayers when we love God. Love everyone. Forgive everyone. And, accept everything in life as a blessing from God.

These ‘higher’ laws make the impossible, possible. The invisible becomes visible. The physical laws of this world can be bypassed.

Miracle MomentBobbi Diaz
Bobbi Diaz lives a life of forgiveness. God’s higher rules, therefore, applied in her incredible miracle. She had suffered the after effects of a brain aneurysm in 2003. Her body had been wracked with pain since the onset of RSD in 2009. The reversal had everyone in tears and applauding God’s beautiful intervention.

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