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miracle moment Miracle Moment Transcript – BFL 202 – Philip Keller with Dr. Issam Nemeh

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Philip: Usually, here at Blind Faith Live, we focus on the physical healings that come about through the prayers of Dr. Issam Nemeh, the physician of unshakable faith. Today, we

will focus on a spiritual healing.

A healing of the mind. Itinvolves Dr. Gary Klein, a Jewish doctor, and his friend, Dr. Louis Quiambao, who had suffered an aortic dissection aneurysm that had left him in a wheelchair, paralyzed from the waist down.

Dr. Klein: You have no idea that when Louis and I met, it was as if God himself had given me a brother. I can’t even begin to tell you. There are no words. Philip, this is a story that only God could knit together. Because prior to all of this happening, I had no knowledge of the Bible.

Philip: You had the Old Testament, right?

Dr. Klein: No. Not even that. Because it is so watered down. I think, unfortunately, American Judaism is cultural. Very little is really taught. And certainly, you never get to Isaiah. They certainly don’t want you rooting around in those books. Because, I think you would get to Isaiah 53 and start questioning everything.

Philip: Yes. It’s all in there, isn’t it? The prophecy of who’s coming and what it’s going to look like and feel like is all there.

Dr. Klein: And think about this Philip, that book was written 700 years before Jesus walk this earth. Y in to see that Jesus fulfilled every prophecy.

Spiritual and Physical Healing

Philip: Let’s get to what happened with you and your friend Louis.

Dr. Klein: Louis was not expected to live. I did not know what to do. I certainly did not know how to pray. And then one evening, he asked me to come with him to a prayer meeting with Dr. Issam Nemeh. I told him that I would go to Antarctica if he wanted me to. That’s how much I respected and loved this man. In the back of my mind, I was thinking, ‘Is this one of those things that I used to see on old television shows where some pastor would get up and tell people to walk?’ But my wife, Kim, and I decided that we did not care what it was. We would be there for Louis.

Philip: 2010, Chesapeake Virginia.

Dr. Klein: It was a small church. And there was Dr. Nemeh and his wife. And, apparently, Philip, you were there and did not come up to me. (Laughter).

Philip: No. I was not there. Maybe I heard that you were going to be there. (Laughter).

Dr. Klein: It was a small church in the middle of nowhere.

Philip: Did Dr. Nemeh speak?

Dr. Klein: Actually, Dr. Nemeh came over and spoke to Louis. He floored me because he said, “Why didn’t you tell me about your shoulder?” And then, he started praying over Louis’ shoulder. Although not normal shoulder replacement protocol, who knows if it had any healing powers. Louis had a frozen shoulder. He had not told Dr. Nemeh. After Dr. Nemeh moved on, I asked Louis if he had told Dr. Nemeh about his shoulder. Louis said that he had not. I looked at Dr. Nemeh and wondered, ‘How did he know that?’ I thought this must be some sort of x-ray vision this guy has.

Philip: I hope that the frozen shoulder got some healing that day.

Dr. Klein: First, you should know that Jews don’t pray over each other. That is a Christian event. Because, Jesus healed by praying over people. So, all I can tell you is that we were watching Dr. Nemeh. And all that he would do is walk over to someone and touch a hand, or a head, pray for a few minutes, and then moved to the next person. I’m watching this and then I turned to Louis and I see that Louis is waving his arm. My wife and I looked at each other and I had no words for this. I had no words to describe the utter joy I had for Louis. And then comes the ‘how did that happen?’ Then, Dr. Nemeh looked to the handful of us that were still in the room and said, “Would anyone else like a prayer?” My wife and I decided that we would be prayed over. We stood up and walked over to where he was and my wife was prayed over first and she fell backwards in the Spirit. I remember thinking, ‘What is this? Are there electro magnetic currents? What’s going on here?” I did not know what to think of it. Then he came over to me and uttered a few prayers. The next moment, I was looking up at the lights in the ceiling and I did not know how I got from where he was to where I was now on the floor. It was the most peace I had ever had in my life. I can’t describe the utter piece I had. I looked at Louis and said that I did not know what had just happened. Louis said that he had never seen me more relaxed than I was right then. And the next day, driving home, for the first time I did not feel any anxiety, I didn’t feel any of the usual pressures, the typical society woes that I normally would. I just drove home in peace. I slept so well that night not knowing what had happened.

Christian Brothers

Dr. Klein: The next day when I was in the shower I heard myself saying, “Jesus is my Lord and Savior.” I got out of the shower and looked into the mirror and said to myself, ‘What did I just say? And what does that mean?’ That was not something Dr. Nemeh said. Nobody had ever said those words to me before. I just said those words! And I remember for a good two hours contemplating what I had just said. Now what do I do with this? And where do I go? And the rest is history. The appetite for learning the Bible was so intense, but I did not have a Bible. I processed things for two or three days and then I called two longtime friends. Christian friends. I called my friend, Neil, and said that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. I had not seen Neil for 18 years. We had spoken by phone, but we had not seen each other for 18 years. What he said to me next was wonderful. He said, “Gary, pick me up at your airport tomorrow.”

Philip: Oh my!

Dr. Klein: He flew up, greeted me at the airport, and then he took me to a bookstore to hand me my first Bible, which was the English standard version..

Philip: Did you play Bible Roulette, where you open it up and put your finger in it as I did?

Dr. Klein: Here is what he wrote in the Bible. ‘Gary, I am glad to walk this journey with you. Continue to listen to God. Remember, we see a small piece of things, but He sees all of it when things disappoint and go against us. But as the three Hebrew children said, ‘even if He does not, He is still God.’ It’s from Daniel. Neil then wrote, ‘He is working out His way in us and we are becoming what He was. Continue to listen and be still before Him. I love you and we are brothers always. Your brother Neil.’ He wrote down four different areas of the Bible to read to get me started.

Philip: What a friend.

Dr. Klein: My other friend, Philip… We drove to see him. He told me that they had been praying for me for a very long time. It strengthened both of their faiths because they had never seen anything like this.

Philip: Dr. Nemeh said for your situation to happen, that you already had to be a seeker. You may not have realized it, that you had to be seeking for God to do that, for the Holy Spirit to dwell within that fertile land within you and have that experience.

Dr. Klein: My wife could tell you that I started reading the Bible 3 to 4 hours a night. I could not stop. I was consumed by trying to understand. And along that journey I knew that I needed a good Christian mentor. I reached out to someone that I found online at a place I found called Verse by Verse Ministry. I reached out to Pastor Steve Armstrong. What a blessing he has been. I would call him every Monday night. We would talk for some three hours a night for the better part of the year discussing what I had read and just reviewing it to make sure that I understood it.

God Blesses Us and Everyone Around Us

Philip: Is your wife looking at you like what planet are you from?

Dr. Klein: Yes. She was wondering what happened to me. She could not make sense of it. And then, of course I did what most Christians when they come to faith do. You now realize, in a most profound way, that somebody died for you. That somebody took away death. That somebody literally took your place. Your substitution And when you know that, you want the world to know it. You want everybody in your family to know this. Because the stakes are high. So my wife sees this, doesn’t know what to say, and I make a mistake of telling her that she’s got to do this. ‘Whatever you do, you need to understand Jesus. You need to understand God’s plan.’ And it was your typical ‘honey…’ It was when I stepped away and just prayed, and I remember the prayer to this day. I said ‘Father God, will you please send the Holy Spirit to wrap around the love that I feel for my wife? Would you do that for me?’ Tell you what, if you want a prayer answered, it was answered. She started slowly seeing what was happening to me, which is always the best testimony. And slowly but surely she started her own studies. She was baptized September 18, 2016.

Philip: When were you baptized?

Dr. Klein: August 26, 2011. One year after the Dr. Nemeh healing service. I was baptized by Pastor Steve Armstrong in San Antonio, Texas. And you know what’s interesting about baptism? You really want it! Not because if you are not baptized you can’t be saved. It’s an outside advertising. An outside advertising of you accepting that gift and completing an almost understated command from Jesus to go and be baptized. This is that step that you go and say ‘I believe.’ I want to honor my Lord and Savior.

Philip: Knowing that he wants you baptized. You want to make him happy. You want to be officially part of the fold.

Dr. Klein: Absolutely. And when I was baptized, my wife, Kim, was pregnant. And that’s another side story involving Dr. Nemeh and the healing service.

Philip: She wanted children? You didn’t?

Dr. Klein: We had tried for a long time to have children. There was nothing wrong with either one of us, but for whatever reason, it just did not happen. So I became resigned to the fact that we were not going to have children. Kim’s prayer for me on the day of the healing service was for God to change my heart … Oh He did!

Philip: How soon after that did she get pregnant?

Dr. Klein: At my baptism, less than a year after the healing service, she was already three months pregnant.

Dr. Klein: Going back to the day that Louis asked me if I would go to the healing service with him… He asked me if I thought that he would ever walk again. I remember being told that he had an 8% chance of ever walking again. But I remember Louis looking at me and saying to me ‘I am going to be healed from this.’ And I think that is what started me down the path. I was looking at his unbelievable faith. Why didn’t I have that? Why was I not taught that? Why instead was I taught a religious system of rituals, they get you nowhere? I now have seen that look of faith that I was seeing in Louis’ eyes in every believer since. It’s a look that says ‘my God has this.’ And there isn’t anything that my God can’t do. And you fast-forward to where we are now and I am now teaching Bible classes. Isn’t that something?

Philip: That’s crazy time!

Dr. Klein: I look at how God used my friend, Louis, to touch me. None of this happens without Louis and what God did through Louis. God knew that I needed proof and he gave me proof. And I have Dr. Nemeh, a physician, it’s like God is telling Dr. Nemeh what each person needs exactly.

Philip: And just to bring everybody up to date on where we are, Louis was healed of the frozen shoulder. He is now able to get out of his wheelchair and walk some, with crutches. Louis now has pancreatic cancer and so we are all praying for Louis to have that reversed. We have seen pancreatic cancer reversed before. And of course, we have seen Gary, your coming to Christ. Your wife’s coming to Christ. What an episode you are buddy! How are you with my headline… How a Jewish doctor became a Christian?

Dr. Klein: I’m good with that. You know what the answer is to that. It’s a very simple answer. And the answer is everybody has the ability to come into fellowship with our Lord and Savior. They just have to have the faith of a mustard seed. That’s it. That’s all he asked of us. Right? The faith of a mustard seed. And a willingness to say that I believe that he died for my sins. Now what did Jesus say? The sad part of it that Jesus said that I will come between you and your family. I will come between father and son, daughter and mother, brother and sister, and yes he does.

God’s Gift – Free Will

Philip: This has cost you some relationships.

Dr. Klein: Yes. Almost overnight, I lost a lot of colleagues, people I thought were friends, but the minute you mention Christ in your journey, they don’t want to hear it. It is again, sad, really sad.

Philip: Louis said something about your parents.

Dr. Klein: Yup. Very strained. Almost nonexistent. It’s not that I don’t love them, because I do. But they can’t seem to get over that I am a Christian man who believes in Jesus. More than being a doctor or being anything, being able to call myself a Christian is absolutely the greatest thing that I have in this life. I would not replace my knowledge and my love for my Lord and Savior for anything in this world, because there is nothing in this world that holds what He does.

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