More Names in the Prayer Basket


Miracle Moments

Don and Philip

The power of our intention is highlighted here. Don and Gail Carlson brought a picture of a five-year old boy, a literal bubble-boy for years. Dr. Nemeh prayed over the photo. And now, Mason is outside playing and riding a bike just like any other child his age.

In the other case, a name written on a piece of pHollieaper and placed in the prayer basket led to a complete healing. A growth wrapped around the larynx of Hollie Kotwicki was suddenly gone.

Add your prayer request in the comments below or under the prayer tab select prayer basket requests. We’ll add them to the prayer basket at the next healing service.

17 thoughts on “More Names in the Prayer Basket

  1. Please keep my dear friend Tina in your prayers. May she also find a better place of work with great pay and benefits.

    Also my friend Max, he had open heart operation.

    My sister -in- law, Hema , for her pains
    Request healing on my right neck /shoulder area.

    Thank you holding them in your prayers.

  2. Please pray for my cousin Rob Lucas who is young with a young daughter. He is battling cancer and he needs a miracle. Thank you so much for loving and caring enough to put his name in the prayer basket.

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