Move On


Issam Insights with Dr. Issam NemehDr. Issam Nemeh

For many, letting go of an old wound has taken too long. The message in this week’s podcast is, ‘Move On!’ Are we stuck somewhere from which we need to get unstuck. Call it God’s tough love if you wish, but He’s waiting for us to move on.

Also …
Call them Dr. Nemeh pearls of wisdom or golden nuggets, but today’s episode is chock-full of what Christians need to know and believe.

4 thoughts on “Move On

  1. Dr. Nemeh your message is so perfect! I loved it! Philip, this is so beautiful and one of my favorites! God Bless you both!

  2. Dr. NEMEH, this such a powerful message you presented. since I first met you, my faith in our Lord is so much stronger. praise God. Thank you for being in my life.

    GOD loves you and so do I

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