New Warning in the Sky for 2017 – BFL 175


warning in the skyWarning in the Sky
Revelation Chapter 12 is coming to life in the sky above. Jupiter (the King planet) just entered the constellation Virgo (the Virgin). The planet will reside inside the Virgin for nine months. When the King planet exits, the Virgin will appear to be crowned by twelve stars, standing above the moon, cloaked in the sun. This appears to be a biblical event. What we have here is a physical sign of what Dr. Issam Nemeh has been speaking about for the last few years. This celestial event foretells a tumultuous year for the Church in 2017.

The Event Is about to Happen…

Miracle Moment
Jeff was dragged to a Dr. Nemeh healing service. He knew that this stuff was all nonsense. There was no way that prayer was going to have any affect on a growth that was taking over his throat, chest, and wrapping itself around his heart. What a day for the skeptic!

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