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RosaryWhy is it that the Blessed Mother, in so many of her appearances, tells all of us to pray the Holy Rosary? Isn’t the Rosary just a Catholic thing? Mary says, ‘No.’ Mary has stated, repeatedly, through the centuries that the rosary entitles us to special graces and protection. The rosary is a spiritual weapon for spiritual warfare. To prove the point, in this episode are historical and personal stories demonstrating the immense power of the rosary. Everything from waking up sleeping drivers, to stopping tanks. Those little simple beads have the power of God behind them.

Miracle Moment
Sharon Deitrick was the very first person I interviewedSharon Deitrickon the radio as a Miracle Moment. Sharon had an enlarged, mass filled kidney that was not working. She attended a Dr. Nemeh healing service and came to Dr. Nemeh’s office for one medical appointment. During Sharon’s surgery, the ‘M’ word was used by the surgeon, ‘M’ as in Miracle.

Sharon also shares with us her love for the Blessed Mother and the rosary. Her new endeavor is to get young people to pray just a decade of the rosary a day. She knows that once an individual sees a change in their life, the decade of beads will grow to a complete rosary a day.

Bill and Donna Bradt are spear-heading this new decadeDonna_Bill Bradt a day movement, also known as … #decaday. As members of the Legion of Mary, they are hoping that more young people will run under the protective mantle of Mary. Their new website is

Kathy Nemeh gets in on the action as well in this episode, demonstrating her love for Mary and how it all began as a child, with the family on it’s knees, gathered around the radio, praying the rosary.

Issam’s Insight with Dr. Issam Nemeh
The final note on the subject is sounded by Dr. Issam Nemeh. What is Mary’s function now? Did Mary actually feel everything Jesus felt during the crucifixion? How can this be?

2 thoughts on “Not Just a Catholic Thing – BFL 111

  1. I made Steve his first rosary yesterday. So cool to see him praying everyday. Steve told me that you saw the War Room. He and I saw it together, I set up a war room in our closet. Took my nurse to the movie on infusion day. She was really encouraged as well. Be Blessed. Take good care of your sweet pearl.

  2. This is my Fav-o-rite episode. Thank you. Every year on October 16, the anniversary of his election, Pope St. John Paul II would announce what he was dedicating the upcoming year to. After 9/11, on the following Oct 16, he introduced the Luminous Mysteries and dedicated the next year to The Rosary. Reminiscent of Lepanto, it seemed a veiled yet clarion call to pray the Rosary to defeat our present danger and enemy. ISIS. God bless you.

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