It’s about You … Not Me. Sacrificial Love.


Miracle Moment – great moments in sacrificial love.Lauren

Maximilian Kolbe took a step out of line, walked up to the Commandant and asked that he be killed instead of another prisoner.

What was he thinking? Who does that?

For some, denying self and doing the ‘right thing’, comes so easily. They do for others because it’s just part of their DNA. It’s the kind of love for others that Jesus talked about. ‘Love one another as I have loved you.’

I have two beautiful examples of sacrificial love. In one case, a saint. Maximilian Kolbe, a priest, who calmly walked up and requested to take the place of another prisoner who had been sentenced to starving to death while being held in a German concentration camp during World War II.

The other example, is 15-year-old Lauren Cain. She not only took the confirmation name of Maximilian Kolbe, but demonstrated at age eight that sacrificial love connects us to Jesus in a most perfect way, no matter the age.

Katie Boyle, 20, has suffered since age 17 Boyle Familywith Lyme Disease. She lives in the basement of her parents’ home, with the lights off. Light and sound sensitivity are just the beginning of the agony. Migraines and inflammation throughout her body cause continual pain. Fogginess of the mind and forgetting what happened yesterday is the norm. A wheelchair is required for all outings.

In Dr. Issam Nemeh’s office, Katie, along with her mother, Kathy, a nurse and her father, George, a pastor, watched the reversal of the disease that had taken her life away for the past three years.