“One Will Be Taken, One Will Be Left Behind” – BFL 208


“The Lord Jesus himself said that. He is coming for His bride. He will not step a foot on this earth.” – Dr. Issam Nemeh

Philip Keller and Dr. Issam Nemeh spend a few minutes examining the latest song that has bubbled up and inspired the above headline. This time, it is a song by the group Yes. When the song lyrics are spiritualized, we see that Christ acknowledges that He is coming soon but is being met by lethargy and lukewarmness. We seem to be unaware that Jesus is gathering us right now. One will be taken, one will be left behind to sit through the tribulation with the antichrist.

Other topics covered in this week’s Issam Insights include…
*Praying without words
*Original Sin
*The indwelling of spirit at conception
*Acceptance is the key to having peace in life
*The inspiring lives of saints

Miracle Moment
Kentucky Colonel Michael Masters has stymied his physicians and surgeons. For the past three years, Michael has been unable to walk more than 15 feet without stopping and sitting. Pain in his lower back has been excruciating. Doctors have been unable to solve the problem. They aren’t even sure what the problem is. Thankfully, God has solved the mystery. Dr. Issam Nemeh’s prayerful touch of the afflicted back caused a ‘firehose’ of pain to pour out of his lower back. The Kentucky Colonel walked away from the healing service with no pain.

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