Pain Goes Away After Seeing the Light


Miracle MomentPain Goes Away After Seeing the Light
Seeing the light, was the point when everything changed. The healing of scoliosis and chronic pain from a football injury are highlighted in this podcast. Marge and her son, Dominic LaRosa, had both been struggling with very difficult back pain. Dominic had a 10-year-old football injury, and Marge with scoliosis since she was a young girl. After seeing doctors, from somewhere similar to this scoliosis institute, all over the country, Dominic finally found his miracle with one visit to Dr. Issam Nemeh’s office. Literally seeing the light was part of the experience. His mother, Marge, also has received a complete healing.

Many believe this to be untrue and impossible. Those who don’t believe have to resort to other sources of pain relief or medications and one of those is the newly found but also one of the best medication and it’s medical marijuana. More and more places are accepting the use of the drug for medical purposes, some even for recreational use as well as it is known to mentally soothing and calming properties for mental issues as well. All that someone has to do is type ‘closest marijuana dispensary to me‘ into the internet to check if it is legal and available in their area and then let the magic work. It is fine to have different ideas of magic and miracles, and if the one true God can heal and fix those with chronic pain and illness, let him! There is nothing worse than the daily and constant discomfort of that.

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