Prayer Requests

Are you in need of a prayer? Does someone you know need a prayer? If so, please submit it below. Prayer requests will only be acknowledged on this page of the website. Then, please join us in praying for one another and the other requests. The power of group prayer is amazing and fruitful. 

All prayer requests are reviewed and may be edited for clarity before being posted. Please note if you do not wish your request to be made public because after review, your request will be posted here for our community of listeners to see and join in praying for your needs.

Also, remember to join us daily at 3:00 PM to pray “God Bless America, God Bless the World” and for the special needs listed below. And, may God grant you an abundance of His blessings today and every day!

558 thoughts on “Prayer Requests

  1. Please pray that I heal from depression and other trauma that I’ve experienced. Please pray that I can have many happy and healthy children.

  2. Please pray for the healing of my body, mind and soul. I am homebound on a walker and I have chronic epstein barr virus and have anxiety and depression due to chronic pain.
    I ask for a healing so that I may live my life filled with love and light.

  3. Please pray for my daughter Kristi that she may be restored to sanity and delivered from evil. Pray for her physical and spiritual healing and her safety and protection.
    Prayer for peace and reconciliation and conversion of my family.

  4. Please pray for me that my girlfriend Kimberly is no longer sick and is healed from her very bad illness and released from the hospital.

  5. Please pray for the health and safety of my family – especially my three children and their families (I have been blessed with 10 most precious grandchildren) Lord please bless them, heal them, and let them be a witness to your love. Nudge them to come back to the faith and back to mass.
    Please give my brother-in-law, who suffers from schizophrenia, peace and help him not to hear any more voices in his head, get some rest and come back to the faith where he will find comfort.
    I truly thank you…. God Bless — Tonca…. From Sydney….

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