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Are you in need of a prayer? Does someone you know need a prayer? If so, please submit it below. Prayer requests will only be acknowledged on this page of the website. Then, please join us in praying for one another and the other requests. The power of group prayer is amazing and fruitful. 

All prayer requests are reviewed and may be edited for clarity before being posted. Please note if you do not wish your request to be made public because after review, your request will be posted here for our community of listeners to see and join in praying for your needs.

Also, remember to join us daily at 3:00 PM to pray “God Bless America, God Bless the World” and for the special needs listed below. And, may God grant you an abundance of His blessings today and every day!

557 thoughts on “Prayer Requests

  1. I humbly ask for prayers for the following intentions:
    For Our Country, the United States of America, to humble ourselves and turn to God.
    For health and healing of all the people and over the whole country.
    For Israel and the Jewish people.
    For peace and comfort during this difficult time, especially for those who lost loved ones.
    For my family, especially my mother and father’s health, deliverance from alcohol addiction and needs.
    For my older sister’s life and her husband, two daughters and three sons.
    For my nephew, my little sister and her friend.
    For my brother for godly wisdom and salvation, his girlfriend, and protection of his two baby sons.
    For my cousin Marroldine’s eye; my uncles Alfred, Calvin, and Arthur; my cousin Calandra; and my auntie’s friend Darlene’s health for divine healing.
    For an improved and lasting loving relationship with my next door neighbor, freedom from the enemy and bad company, brighter days and special moments, and the help of God’s mercy and guidance.
    For my neighbor’s brother, cousins, and the salvation of family members including deliverance from addictions and help to live Godly lives.
    For the children and teenagers at the school and in the community, especially those in dysfunctional families and homes.
    For deliverance from wickedness and rebellion, softened hearts.
    For the churches, my pastor and his wife.
    For our students and my coworkers.
    For my financial need, new relationships and the restoration of old, for deliverance from my actions.
    For the people of the Bahamas and Florida.
    Bless all the young couples.

  2. My daughter, Sarah, teaches at a Catholic School, her intention was to have her son attend Kindergarten there in the fall. She informed her ex-husband (who now claims to be an atheist), he filed suit to stop her. Please pray for Sarah’s protection and that the judge rules in her favor and allows my grandson to attend Catholic School. Thank you.

  3. Please pray for my son and lift him to Jesus. He has anxiety and is lonely. He wants to make friends but is very reserved.

  4. Please pray for my adopted son’s sibling who is in the full custody of the bio mom’s ex-boyfriend, “dad”, and his wife. “Dad” has had hospital treatment for overdoses twice in the past month. The stepmom tried to commit suicide which the kids witnessed. With the stepmom gone, the 8 yr old sister is in charge. The dad drinks till he passes out. Still CPS has not removed the children.
    Pray for a break through in the situation and healthy resolution. The dad made the stepmom discharge from the mental health hospital early so she can watch the children. I fear she is not mentally stable and will try to take her own life again. It’s a horrible drug abusive home the kids are in.

  5. Please pray for healing in my body …
    Chiari brain malformation, Blocked jugular veins, Narrowing of spinal cord,
    Spinal fluid leaks, Spinal fluid cysts, Lyme/autoimmune, Excruciating pain, bed ridden 24-7.

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