Praying with Imagination – BFL 189


praying with imaginationPrayer
Is Jesus in the room when you pray? Is Blessed Mother Mary sitting next to you while praying a rosary? Have you ever imagined yourself in biblical times, walking with Jesus? These are examples of getting past the words of prayers and feeling the true presence of Jesus Christ. Even spiritualizing the music, as we do in these podcasts, brings spiritual meaning to an otherwise secular song. Praying with imagination is something being taught by a local priest. We are totally on board with anything that brings life to prayer.

However, can this type of creative prayer ever equal having an actual encounter with the Holy Spirit or Jesus Christ? Does someone have to have an encounter to have a truly personal relationship with Jesus? This is one of the questions today for Dr. Issam Nemeh.

Issam Insights with Dr. Issam Nemeh
Other topics for Dr. Nemeh include: what it means if we’re not having ‘experiences’ with God, the miracle healings of non-Christians, searching for a miracle by jumping from shrine to shrine, and the permanent mark left where miracles occur.

Bad Data
For every person coming into the church, six are leaving. 40% of baptized Christians under the age of 30 now claim no religious affiliation. Is there anything that can be done with this Christian erosion, or is it merely the continuing purification of the church?

Miracle Moment
Diane Injic and friend, Anna Radocaj; her mother, Milka Skrtic and her neighbor, Marylou Zelazny; and mother-in-law, Lucija Injic, provide a veritable plethora of encounters with the Holy Spirit. Migraines, neck pain, hip displacement, and macular degeneration are just some of the disorders that have been affected. Diane also provides personal encounters with God that have changed her life forever. And, she proudly claims to be a Blind Faith Live junkie! Is listening to 12 podcasts a day too many? We don’t think so. Now, just click ‘play’ and enjoy the podcast.