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Proving GodProving God

There is a science to the miraculous healings that we document here. There are thousands of miracles to track. Is there a tipping point, the moment when science says ‘we believe’? Okay, we won’t hold our breath for that one. But what will happen when scientific devices show the spiritual reality? Science proving God? The day is not far off. In this episode, Dr. Nemeh discusses upcoming technology. It will sound sci-fi, a device that will display the spiritual reality in a physical healing.

The Explosion

The song that bubbled up out of ‘nowhere’ this week, is Fight Song by Rachel Platten. It seems to be serving two purposes. First, proving God. The impending worldwide attention that Dr. Nemeh will receive by showcasing that there is no separation between God and science. These miracles are real. There is a science behind the healings. There is an actual language, God’s language, in the healings that can be decoded.

The other meaning of the song involves Blind Faith Live. The song is about transformation. What appears to be under the radar for the moment, will soon explode as well. As the song says, “I might only have one match, but I can make an explosion.”

Keeping It Real

Kathy Nemeh lists some of the recent miracle stories. The most notable being a woman who was transformed from a negative to a positive personality by her visit to Dr. Nemeh’s medical office. Her newfound niceness was so noticeable that her supervisor also made an appointment. She wanted to see if she, too, could be touched by God.

Miracle MomentProving God

Lauren Duchnowski suffered from Graves’ disease. Her eyes bulged and Lauren was forced to wear prism glasses. Her first visit to Dr. Nemeh completely shrank the bulging. Her second visit resulted in the prisms being removed. Now, Lauren is on a mission to bring the reality of God to those around her.

6 thoughts on “Proving God – BFL 130

  1. What an amazing episode!!!! I listened to it twice:) god is truly working thru you Trapper!!! God bless you and all your work!!

  2. This is probably my best podcast that I’ve have listened to. Every time I feel stronger in my spirituality love forgiveness in myself and others. I pray every day and trust in God that he will direct me in my lifes purpose. God bless! Kim

  3. Wow, what a podcast so full of promise and hope through the Holy Spirit and given expression through every word spoken! There is a treasure in almost every sentence. But Philip, I am not quite understanding the “not asking God for anything.” He loves us so much and is our Father. Does asking Him mean we are not trusting Him or not loving Him (enough)? In Phil 4:6-7 He says, “Be anxious for nothing but in everything with prayer and supplication let your requests be made known to God, and the peace of God which passes all understanding will undergird your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.” On the orher hand it also says that God knows what we need and answers even before we cry out to Him. I love Him but sometimes feel I come up short.

    • We are to ask God to answer our personal needs. Dr Nemeh had mentioned in a previous episode that he trusts God so much that he does not ask Him for anything personally. That’s how much trust Dr Nemeh has in God. It’s just one of the reasons I believe these miracles are so powerful. What I found was that I am certainly not to that level. I found the week torturous, as I mentioned. I am back to asking!

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