Saying Yes to a Higher Love – BFL 87


BFL.SayYes“Think about it. There must be a higher love.” … Steve Winwood

Are you cool with having God as your wedding planner? That was definitely the case for Kathy and Dr. Issam Nemeh. Because Kathy always said that she was never going to get married or have children, friends and family assumed it was a joke when the wedding invitations arrived. Naturally, for Dr. Nemeh, the supernatural had to be involved with how God informed Issam that Kathy was to be his wife. Talk about an arranged marriage! You will love this story! But the bottom line to this episode is how we all have access to God’s higher love.

Keeping It Real with Kathy – Kathy shares about the complete turnabout in her life upon being introduced to Dr. Nemeh.
(Segment begins at four minutes)

Issam’s Insight – Acceptance of everything as God’s will is what helps you live in heaven now. Being led to the altar by God was a bit miraculous in itself as you will hear in this episode.
(Segment begins at 12 minutes)

Miracle Moment – Marge and Dominic Dominic & Marge LaRosaLaRosa have both been facing very difficult back pain, Dominic with a 10-year-old football injury, and Marge with scoliosis since she was a young girl. After seeing doctors all over the country, Dominic finally found his miracle with one visit to Dr. Nemeh’s office. His mother, Marge, also has received a complete healing.
(Segment begins at  20 minutes)

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