Scleroderma Treatment: Lucy’s Body Was Turning to Stone


Miracle MomentSclerderma Treatment

Scleroderma treatment for Lucy Tommasulo, who lived in a wheelchair, turned out a little different than she believed possible. This potentially fatal diseasewas hardening virtually all of Lucy’s body including her kidneys. Lucy was turning to stone. Swallowing was progressively more difficult. Standing for more than five minutes was impossible. Lucy did not believe Dr. Issam Nemeh’s claim that his scleroderma treatment would work.

Since seeing Dr. Nemeh, Lucy has left the wheelchair behind, and is now watching her entire body go back to normal.

Plus, The song that bubbled up in Philip Keller’s mind this week was Roseanna by Toto. “Not quite a year ago since you went away,” had a meaning that was not immediately known. Mary was sending a message.

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