Searching for a Miracle – The Barr Sisters Story Updated

Here is the video we produced to tell their story. We hope that you enjoy it and share it with friends and family!
Searching for a Miracle – The Barr Sisters Story.

The organ transplant team stood at the hospital room door. They were ready to harvest the organs of Sophia Barr, who had little or no brain activity. Sophia and her sister Sierra had barely survived a horrific car accident. Sierra lay in a deep coma. Tina Barr, the mother of the two teenage sisters, needed a miracle. Kathy and Dr. Issam Nemeh began to pray… and the impossible happened.

2 thoughts on “Searching for a Miracle – The Barr Sisters Story Updated

  1. Dear Phillip,

    In the light of recent events in Syria please tell doctor Nemeh that I am thinking of his family in Syria and praying for all who live there ….

    My husband and daughter saw doctor Nemeh at the healing service 2 weeks ago in Cleveland … my daughter is slowly improving I believe she will be completely healed
    Doctor was so hopeful !

    So I trust and believe my child will be healed !
    Sending love to you all in Cleveland !!!!♥️❤️!

    Thank you for the adress of the Saint Bernadette church, my husband and daughter visited the church and brought Lourdes water home …??!

  2. Thank you Philip. This is awesome and beautifully produced. Music and all.
    Our God is an awesome God. He reigns from heaven above in each of us who accepts His Son Jesus. Come Holy Spirit in Jesus name.

    God bless your week.

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