The Secret God Kept from the Angels


Issam Insights with Dr. Issam NemehDr. Issam Nemeh

The secret God kept from the Angels for billions of years. Seriously. Billions. At the moment Christ died, the mystery of the ages was revealed. We have a huge ah-ha moment in our faith. Beyond the physical earthquakes and darkness that fell over the earth at the crucifixion of Christ, nothing could match what was happening on the spiritual level. The secret God kept from the Angels was now revealed.

Listen, as Dr. Issam Nemeh connects the dots in this episodes’ Issam Insights. We look back in history to the precise moment that there must have been an audible gasp from all the Angels … good and bad. This is the moment that shifted Lucifer’s priorities. This is the moment that we, here on earth, were told what our purpose in life would be.

3 thoughts on “The Secret God Kept from the Angels

  1. Answered So many gaps, questions I had in my Fath. Something was missing in the Why. Thank you so so much. Truly an “aha” revelation for me. May God bless you and yours always….

  2. thank you for this podcast. a physical therapist at the cleveland clinic told me about you. have been reading all that i can. gratefully, i have been praying for 3 things with deep desires. one to to ask God to intervene in my adult son’s addictions and wall with God. He seems desperately lost, but i continue to believe the Lord will honor my desire as a mother. Second, i have worked in the healing ministry many years ago. It was that time i did my most growth and service. Also worked as a therapist until my health crashed and had to struggle to survive. With much research and prayer, i am being led to the correct directions. have been asking for a mra and healer contact. bang.. here your name came. thank you.. blessings.

  3. Trapper…you have found your calling, for sure! Absolutely perfect insight for this time! I’m sharing it on fb often with a prayer that the Holy Spirit will guide this message in Jesus’ name. Thank you so much! <3

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