Seeing Jesus in All Things


Issam Insights with Dr. Issam NemehDr. Issam Nemeh

When we are connected to heaven, we see Jesus in the small moments as well as the big events of our daily life. The Andy Gibbs song, I Just Want to Be Your Everything, is spiritualized on this week’s podcast. Jesus is waiting and wanting to be our everything. When we let Him in, all things become possible. Philip Keller and Dr. Issam Nemeh discuss how seeing Jesus in all things, shifts our global view.

Look at all the possibilities when we invite Jesus to be our everything. Different laws apply. We no longer abide by just the physical laws of this world. Prayers are answered. The invisible becomes visible. Evil is blocked. The supernatural becomes the norm.

2 thoughts on “Seeing Jesus in All Things

  1. Lizzie,
    The more excepting we are of what life hands us, the more powerful our prayers become. Trusting God is such a beautiful sign of our love for Him. Our goal is to remain steady in our love for God and all those around us regardless of whether prayers are answered or not.

  2. Hi Philip! When you talk about prayers getting more powerful, they become more powerful when we invite Jesus into our life, fully forgive all of those in our life and accept whatever outcome may happen (i.e. so maybe not the specific outcome we’re hoping for)?

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