Sheila’s Eyes


Miracle MomentSheila Hardin
Anyone can experience issues and ailments with their eyes, they are easy to damage and there is a host of hereditary optical illnesses that one can get. It is common for older people to experience eye problems like cataracts or perhaps macular degeneration, perhaps their eyesight just is simply declining and they rely on glasses or contacts to see every day. In these cases, there are surgeries, such as laser eye surgery (check here for more information), which can restore the majority of one’s vision so that they aren’t so reliant on glasses or contact lenses. These are common and simple to treat. However, every now and then another condition comes on the scene which baffles doctors and ophthalmologists in this case, and the solution isn’t as easy to work out. One of those patients is Sheila Hardin. Sheila suffered from Sjogren’s syndrome. Dry spots on her eye’s lens caused friction every time Sheila blinked. Sheila faced a future of blurred vision and chronic discomfort. Sheila’s doctors admit that they have never seen anything like Sheila’s reversal.

Maria and Gonzalo Lopez presented a number of health issues that the two wanted healed. Sciatica, back, and leg Maria Gonzalo Lopezpain, glaucoma, and a malfunctioning hand were the reasons for Maria and Gonzalo to attend a Dr. Nemeh healing service. The couple expects miracles, and my how they do receive them.

4 thoughts on “Sheila’s Eyes

  1. May God grant you healing according to His will, we pray in Jesus name.

  2. requesting healing of a prolapsed uterus – change in attitude – and physical healing — love is the healer; attitudinal, false evidence be removed in the loving mind of God via the holy, holy spirit — in this state of being/receiving I am humbly and ultimately healed — with warm, fragrant, spring blessings — lovingly and foreverly — b

  3. Prayers sent up for your son and your entire family. That is a lot to deal with on everyone’s part. May God bless you and heal your son according to His will, in Jesus name we ask.

  4. Please pray for healing of my son ASHWANT who is autistic and also has OCD and epilepsy. I surrender him to our Lord. In Lords name I ask for your distance healing by the power of our Lord.
    Thank you. God bless, Anita

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