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Song of songsSong of Songs
Three months ago, Steve Johnson was given three months to live. He is still very much with us. In fact, he was just told by his doctor that he is in full remission from his cancer. How did that happen? If you have been listening to the Blind Faith Live Steve Johnsonpodcast for any time at all, you already know.

In this episode, we are all singing the song of songs. That is, singing the praises of God and hopefully inspiring others to a closer relationship with a God that is certainly not boring. The weekly miracles show no signs of ever stopping here at Blind Faith Live

Issam Insights with Dr. Issam Nemeh
The anger in the world against Christianity is getting more vocal. We need to be even more solid in our faith in order that we don’t fade in our faith.

Dr. Issam Nemeh also touches upon two of the more challenging aspects of faith, forgiveness, and why healing prayers are sometimes not answered.

Local media shared Steve’s Story: Saginaw Valley League ref Steve Johnson finds faith, friends in battle with cancer

6 thoughts on “Singing the Song of Songs – BFL 165

  1. After having met Steve, randomly by God’s divine intervention I had began a conversation with a close family member of his, who at this time has been given one of all humans worst fears, CANCER! As many of you may know, every cancer diagnosis caries with it so much fear. Fear of the unknown, what’s next, how do I live knowing that I’ve been given a ‘timeline’ & the best medical advice the doctor can give you is ‘TO PREPARE YOURE FINAL AFFAIRS & GET EVERYTHING IN ORDER FOR WHEN’…Truly after having only met Mr Johnson for no more then 5 minutes, you could tell that he wasn’t ordinary & that his positive charismatic approach towards those whom are in need/want of a spiritual uplifting is EXACTLY how he calms you’re worst fears & Honest To The Lord I cant deny his presence. After hearing his personal story, to then physically seeing the immediate transformation that God had placed upon him, Words Just Can Not Do Justice For The Impossible Becoming Possible! I’m forever grateful for Steve & his wonderful family and you would be To after reading his Heavenly Miracle.

  2. Oh my goodness! My thoughts on this, Dr. Nemeh, and Philip Keller.
    Dr. Nemeh certainly the physician of unshakable faith. How blessed are the teachings of the Son of God, through this unshakable faith.
    The miracle of healing through this unshakable faith, how can it come any other way.
    Thank you for sharing your faith, and the podcast of Steve Johnson, and the lessons on forgiveness. I never thought of forgiveness as “knowledge” and knowing what has to be. We must forgive. In this world of hate, rejection and unbelief, the Christians must not be lukewarm. Thank you for your teachings

  3. I agree with Dr. Nemeh, that to forgive you look at where that person is stuck or hurting that made them hurt you. I look at all the areas I am lacking, that have made me hurt someone. I pray that God will help me forgive. Sometimes, I receive the grace to forgive quickly. Sometimes I have to pray a long time. But eventually time and prayer help me. I also pray for someone who cannot forgive me.

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  4. Great story Phillip, I will try and be there for your talk on Oct. 2nd, its my birthday and also John and I celebrated our anniversary on Oct. 2nd, and this would have been our 39th wedding anniversary. Its going to be a tough day to be sure….so maybe this is what i will need.Bless you

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