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Ed Esposito

Ed Esposito, of the Rubber City Radio Group, and a long time, nationally recognized radio newsman, conducts the interview this week of Dr. Issam Nemeh and Philip Keller (Trapper Jack). Ed probes the miracle stories, how they happen, and why the results of Dr. Nemeh’s prayers are so powerful.DrNemeh_Trapper Jack

Issam’s Insight with Dr. Issam Nemeh
Ed Esposito explores why the medical world watches these incredible reversals of disorders, but rarely approach Dr. Nemeh with inquiries.

Miracle Moment
Yet another multiple sclerosis miracle. Melissa Howell wasM_ Howell hit hard in 2004 with MS. The diagnosis was verified by two medical centers. Melissa, a CPA, could barely function with the MS symptoms that included vertigo and overall fogginess in her thinking abilities. One medical treatment and healing service with Dr. Nemeh and the symptoms and large spine lesion disappeared, much to the puzzlement of her neurologist. There has been no reoccurrence of the MS in 10 years. Melissa is pictured here with her youngest son, Eli, who was born after the healing.

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  1. Just listened to Melissa Howell’s podcast for the umpteenth time! My name is Chris Roshong and I am the mother of Melissa Howell and Amy Ruvolo. Listening to the podcast is a reminder of God’s love and mercy for us. Melissa’s healing brought, not only her but, me and her siblings closer in our relationship to God. For me it was the beginning of my journey in faith. Like Melissa said…she went to church, she paid attention, but she never felt that connection until her healing. I think God has given Dr. Nemeh this gift to open our eyes to the fact that we are nothing without Him and are everything with Him. I am so very thankful for God’s love and mercy for all of us. He has put purpose and meaning in my life like never before. Praise God! And bless the Nemeh’s and Philip and his wife for doing God’s work here on earth.

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