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tell oprahThe girl was described on the show as schizophrenic. Dr. Issam Nemeh looked at the girl’s picture and said she was possessed. The young girl was a guest on the Oprah Winfrey show years ago. Lynn and Jay Becker took a snapshot of the 7-year-old girl as she appeared on their television. Feeling sorry for the girl and her family, the Becker’s brought the picture to a Dr. Nemeh healing service. Lynn and Jay were hopeful that the girl would be healed, as had happened so many other times when Dr. Nemeh prayed over pictures. Oprah, now with her own network, recently began talking about the girl on a segment called, Where Are They Now? Guess what? Somebody tell Oprah.

Here is a link to the Oprah YouTube video of the follow-up segment…

Issam Insights

  • Why Oprah turned away from mainstream Christianity.
  • What our children need to know to keep them in the Church.
  • What is in Lourdes water?

Lourdes Water at Work
Could it be? Improvements in stroke recovery and kidney transplant recovery are conveyed by fellow parishioners Bill Hart and his wife, Diane. The water of Lourdes blessed the stricken individuals.

Apple for the Teacher
Do we begin with Adam and Eve, and of course the apple? Philip and Elizabeth Keller were asked to be substitute religion teachers at the local PSR class for sixth-graders. Do we start with the miracle stories? We conclude this podcast episode with the Keller’s in a completely new venue. How do you think they did?

1 thought on “Somebody Tell Oprah! – BFL 193

  1. Dear Philip,
    I have been listening to podcasts over and over again. Wow, so much is happening. Miracle after miracle!
    I’m not sure where to begin. Teaching, by Dr Nemeh, of the mind has just fascinated me beyond words. He channels primarily to the main focus each time, the mind. His insights are so wonderful, but the true meaning he consistently stresses, over and over again, is the healing of the mind. This connection to Christ, through the Holy Spirit, is a blessing that I never tire of listening to, by Dr. Nemeh. I may never “connect” as Dr Nemeh does, but, I am so blessed to listen to his teaching. The love he speaks of is from above and he shares it from his heart to all of us. Dr Nemeh’s sincere message serves a purpose that nothing else can fulfill. While listening it clears my mind, but at the same time opens it up to bring about a peace that is not describable, certainly not of this earth.
    Philip, thank you for your services to God. The recent interviews, the music, all you take part in, remains a part of God’s plan that you fulfill so wonderfully. No one could do your job as God would have you to do it, that’s why HE picked you! Your interacting with everyone. So enjoyable to listen to you and Elizabeth in conversation, and faith.
    Kathy is just so precious, thank you Kathy for your faith. The more I hear her speak absolutely confirms her heart and soul. One cannot make up the things that happen to her, without God’s intervention. Miracles and such a boldness.
    Thank you all, God’s blessings and love,

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