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Surprise EndingAnd the winner is … BFL. There is nothing like a great surprise ending. That is true in books, movies, and of course the miracles that we document here at Blind Faith Live. The Academy Awards provided a stunner! A surprise ending that surpassed all movie surprise endings. La La Land was the year’s best movie, for four minutes. No wait, the real winner is Moonlight. With God’s great sense of humor providing the appropriate tune from La La Land, Philip Keller ties Oscar’s shocking finale with the Dr. Issam Nemeh healing service conducted earlier in the day.

Miracle Moment
Ataxia attacks the muscles. For several years, Kate Martens has been affected by the disorder in her ability to speak, see, hear and walk. A miracle prayer from Dr. Issam Nemeh provided a surprise ending to a beautiful day.

Issam Insights with Dr. Issam Nemeh
Dr. Issam Nemeh took questions from the audience before the healing service. Topics included …
*The difference between faith and love.
*The moment we choose Original Sin.
*Why we don’t remember our early years.
*When is worry okay.
*Do we need to ask for forgiveness from someone we have hurt?

4 thoughts on “A Surprise Ending – BFL 188

  1. Denise,
    Dr Nemeh is saying that the sacrifice on the cross neutralized the devil’s direct influence on this earth. But, the devil still has control over the other fallen angels. We however by picking up our cross and following, are neutralizing the devil’s angels one by one until all evil has been neutralized. This is our most important role in redemption.

  2. What does Dr. Nemeh mean when he says Jesus knocked out Lucifer? How is he able to control the fallen angels here on earth if he is knocked out?

  3. What a wonderful smile Kate, God bless you!

    Enjoyed Dr. Nemeh’s comparison, description of fear.
    A mother’s fear vs economically, not of God. Very informative. I have to stop at times let his words digest, and continue to listen, again and again.

    Philip you should win an award for “truth and honesty” for as clever as you expressed the situation concerning “surprise endings”. You so respectfully put many in their places.

    Kathy’s involvement in helping that dear man, who lost his wife. Her obedience has made all the difference for him and his son, for the rest of their lives. What a precious soul she is.

    Just love these podcasts, thank you BFL

  4. What a great podcast in regards to Dr N sharing with us all the wisdom.
    Awesome job Philip. Keep the wisdom coming. I have many pp listen to you and Dr now.

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