The Committed Faithfulness of Mother Angelica – BFL 140


Committed Faithfulness of Mother AngelicaDeep and Constant Faith in the Lord
“Lord, I gotta have one of these.” These were the words of Mother Angelica in the 70’s while walking into a television studio for the first time. The dream began. And because of the committed faithfulness of Mother Angelica, the Continue reading

A Visit to Heaven


Issam Insights – A Visit to HeavenDr. Issam Nemeh

Dr. Issam Nemeh has been shown heaven three times. These were physical visits, not just spiritual. St. Paul wrote about being taken physically into the ‘third heaven.’ Dr. Nemeh has also been given this experience. It is a world Continue reading

Eye in the Sky – BFL 138


Eye in the SkyEye In the Sky

“I am the eye in the sky, the maker of rules. I can read your mind.” The Alan Parsons Project song is back again. It reminds us that God knows our heart. He knows how much we love and forgive. We can’t get anything past Him. He is the Eye in the sky, watching over all. Continue reading