Miracle Moment – “I Saw God’s Hand”


The greatest healing of all, is the healing of our mind. When our mind is right (on the same page as God) we begin to understand everything in our lives.

Miracle MomentDennis with Bike
Spoiler alert. In listening to the story of Denny Thompson, you will envy what he has, and I’m not talking about the Continue reading

Issam’s Insight – Why I Don’t Ask for Help


Highlights …Dr. Nemeh
*Dr. Nemeh, at age 16, slept on the streets of Warsaw, Poland. Why didn’t he ask for God’s help?
*Why peace is greater than happiness.
*‘I refuse to look at evil, I see only Jesus.’ If He is allowing, it must be a blessing.’

Issam’s Insight – Thankful in the Midst of Tragedy


Even in the midst of tragedy, there is always Dr. Nemehsomething to be thankful for.
How our possessions can enslave us.
Isn’t science supposed to be disproving God? It’s quite the opposite.
Plus, it’s no wonder that so many people are Continue reading

God, the Plastic Surgeon


Kristin, 5 days after surgeryBack in Episode 52, we heard Kristin Kristin, just a month since surgeryDawson talk about the reversal of her incredibly painful RSD. Just ten episodes later, five days after surgery, we hear Kristin explain how God is reshaping her entire face, plus other changes in her body that have stymied her doctors.

I Just Thought There Would Be More


Margaret & JoelThe above comment was made by a character in the Oscar winning movie, Boyhood. A mom, looking back on her life, thought there would be more … Up times, joy, happiness, etc. Feeling the same? I did too. A shift in perspective changed all of that.

Miracle Moment
Margaret Lesch, scheduled for a long-overdue total Continue reading

Issam’s Insight – “I Rehearse the Worst…”


“… And, put it in God’s hands.” That is howDr. Nemeh Dr. Issam Nemeh handles knowing that each day his family in Syria faces death. Bombs, dropped from the sky, have exploded around them. Car bombs have just missed them. Issam Nemeh accepts Continue reading