A Dog’s Miracle – BFL 33


?????Jenny ShanahanMiracle Moment – As Jenny Shanahan was telling me about a number of her own Miracle Moments with Dr. Issam Nemeh, she mentioned the eye popping healing of a dog. Jenny, with a car full of kids, accidentally ran over a stray dog, breaking one of it’s front legs. What to do? Call Issam and Kathy Nemeh. What happened next is something Jenny and her children will never forget.   (Segment begins at 14 minutes)

Issam’s Insights – “What determines a baby’s personality?” How can two children from the same womb be so different? If we are body and spirit, what role does the spirit play in our choosing good or evil?
Dr. Nemeh also talks about how God’s state of mind is love and how we are His weakness. The miracles of atheists continue to show us that love is greater than faith. Ultimately, we are asked to share in God’s state of mind (love) and acceptance of everything (good or bad) as a blessing from God.
(Segment begins at 30 minutes)

Also in this episode:
-And the winner is … a listener names Kathy Nemeh’s segment.
-Joel Osteen visits me in my sleepless night.
-Forrest Gump is still running.