Christianity Began with the Miracles


Issam Insights with Dr. Issam Nemeh

  • Miracles are not the end of the journey. They wake us up to live true Christian lives.
  • Christians are the immune system for the world.
  • We Christians have almost matched the number of fallen angels.
  • The Church got its start with the healings.

Still One Nation Under God?


Issam Insights with Dr. Issam Nemeh
Our founding fathers were very clear about God’s role in our countries existence and survival. Are we still a Christian nation? Dr. Issam Nemeh answers that question and Continue reading

A Critical Message from Jesus


Issam Insights with Dr. Issam Nemeh – Message from Jesus
Pointing again to the importance of our times, Jesus seems to be appearing to more children. Four-year old Aiden Kuack was one of those who saw Jesus in the sky above Continue reading

Feeling What Christ Feels


Issam Insights with Dr. Issam Nemeh – Feeling What Christ FeelsDr. Issam Nemeh
Christ is in me. I am in Christ. We continue where we left off in our last podcast. Dr. Nemeh describes the spiritual and physical experience Jesus gave him. Dr. Nemeh was allowed to feel what Christ feels. He felt everything from Continue reading

The Holy Spirit is Not in Every ‘Christian’ – BFL 168


Holy Spirit is Not in Every ChristianNot in Every ‘Christian’
Just because we call ourselves Christians, does not mean that the Holy Spirit dwells in us. Dr. Issam Nemeh provides new insights into what makes a real Christian. Continue reading

Church and State: A Bad Romance – BFL 160


Church and StateChurch and State

Let’s do this in a series of questions for Dr. Issam Nemeh. His answers will have you rethinking your Christian belief system.

  • How separate do we keep church and state?
  • Should there be laws restricting abortion?
  • Should there be laws restricting anyone wishing to be married to anybody?
  • Should priests ever withhold the Eucharist from public figures who favor abortion rights?

Continue reading