The Holy Spirit on Steroids – BFL 210


holy spirit“You don’t have to tell me anything. The Spirit knows everything.” – Dr. Issam Nemeh

‘How did he know where my problem was?’ It’s a familiar comment from individuals who have been prayed over by Dr. Issam Nemeh. Dr. Nemeh explains how he feels Continue reading

“I Can See Through the Cataracts”


Miracle Moment

“My ophthalmologist doesn’t understand how I’m Dorothy Campbellable to see so well despite cataracts in both eyes,” says 87-year-old Dorothy Campbell. Continue reading

Just a Name in a Prayer Basket


Miracle Moment – Pancreatic Cancer Healed
At a Dr. Issam Nemeh healing service, Carol Zore-Laurie placed into the prayer basket the name of a neighbor who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The friend had been Continue reading

Can You Sing in the Rain? – BFL 181


Sing in the rainLa La Land and Singing in the Rain have something in common for those of faith. Both have scenes depicting moments of what should be pure misery. Instead, everyone in the movie, and anybody watching it, is lifted up. Movie scenes depicting being stuck in traffic for hours, or caught in a deluge of rain, Continue reading

Just Call His Name and Look Who Shows Up – BFL 161


Just Call His NameJust Call His Name
As the song says, ‘just call My name and I’ll be there.’ On this week’s podcast, Philip and Elizabeth Keller were given strong reminders that God is always listening, and answering. Continue reading