Issam’s Insight – Thankful in the Midst of Tragedy


Even in the midst of tragedy, there is always Dr. Nemehsomething to be thankful for.
How our possessions can enslave us.
Isn’t science supposed to be disproving God? It’s quite the opposite.
Plus, it’s no wonder that so many people are Continue reading

The Man Who Catches Miracles – BFL 98


GeorgeNo one has ‘caught’ more miracles at Dr. Nemeh healing services than George Sangrik. He, along with the other kindly ‘catchers’, have a front row seat to God’s incredible healings. They are the gentlemen who stand behind the person receiving a Continue reading

Issam’s Insight – The Path to a Successful Resolution


We all know that willpower gets us only so far. Dr. Issam NemehSo what’s a better way? Dr. Issam Nemeh helps us tap into our spiritual side to help us with our physical needs.

What happens when during a healing prayer, someone Continue reading

The Miracle Story of Liz, Emily and Patrick – BFL 24


Patrick and Cameron ColemanMiracle Moment – Liz Linn, Emily Dreher and Patrick Coleman all suffered from the same irreversible disease. They all discovered their own impossible miracle while their mouth was full of food!

Issam’s Insight – Are resolutions strengthened by prayer?