Joyce Riley Encore


Issam Insights with Dr. Issam Nemeh
“Where is CNN?” The question was posed in this Joyce Riley encore interview with Dr. Issam Nemeh. “If the blind are being healed… Where are they?” Joyce Riley, host of The Power Hour radio show, had such enormous feedback Continue reading

Issam’s Insight – Passing the Jesus Test


Has Dr. Issam Nemeh been given his own power to heal? Dr. Issam NemehIf so, does he tap it? This will have you thinking about the gifts that God has given you and what you are to do with them. You will see how every day is its’ own gift and its’ own test of our ego.

Issam’s Insight – The Path to a Successful Resolution


We all know that willpower gets us only so far. Dr. Issam NemehSo what’s a better way? Dr. Issam Nemeh helps us tap into our spiritual side to help us with our physical needs.

What happens when during a healing prayer, someone Continue reading

Issam’s Insight – What Does Dr. Nemeh See and Feel During a Miracle?


We pull back the curtain Dr. Issam Nemehto see what Dr. Issam Nemeh experiences during a miracle. How does the Holy Spirit inform Dr. Nemeh on what is physically or even psychologically needed for healing? Does Dr. Nemeh experience Continue reading

Stethoscopes & Collars … I’m Calling You Out – BFL 52


I have here, 52 weeks of miracle stories. So, where’s the clergy? Where are the doctors? All I hear are crickets. How is it that those who are regarded as the heads of our physical and spiritual well-being show no curiosity about these remarkable, miraculous healings of the body and soul? Their silence tells us much about the state of our church and our medical professionals.

Kristin DawsonMiracle Moment – The doctors that I referenced above cannot reverse a horribly painful affliction known as RSD. Suicide is not uncommon among the afflicted because of the relentless pain. But add Kristin Dawson to the list of those who have shed this horrible disorder, thanks to God and the prayers of Dr. Issam Nemeh. (This is where you read the first paragraph above and shake your head again.)

Issam’s Insight – The doctor’s thoughts on why the medical world, as well as clergy, refuse to look at all the possibilities of healing that come directly from God.

Keeping it Real with KathyLeBron JamesLeBron James and Dr. Issam Nemeh have something in common … and it has nothing to do with a basketball or a prayer book.

Rocket Man – BFL 37


Joe NieberdingMiracle Moment – For decades, Joe Nieberding was part of the launch team with NASA. Joe plotted the trajectory of spacecraft. His biggest fear was an attack of Meniere’s disease during the launches. Vertigo, nausea, this to the degree that to move from one room to another, Joe would be on his hands and knees. By 2006, the attacks were coming daily and lasting five to six hours. A visit to Dr. Issam Nemeh’s medical office changed all of that. His science friends are still scratching their heads.
(Segment begins at 4 minutes)

Issam’s Insight – It’s a wide-ranging conversation, recorded in Dr. Nemeh’s treatment room with a small group of us. How to get to heaven, the second outpouring of the Holy Spirit, upcoming church controversy, healing, the anti-christ, all bubble up in this informal chat.
(Segment begins at 24 minutes)

Skype Science – A TV story about the healing Skype calls of Dr. Issam Nemeh. Listen to the sound the Holy Spirit makes during these calls. Amazing how God lets us know that He is here!

Also in this episode …
* Rhonda Reader and Sparky the dog have a falling out
* Look, voice to text has finally learned how to spell Dr. Issam Nemeh!