The Innocent Jesus – BFL 211


The Innocent Jesus‘Through human history, the only innocence is within the innocent one… Christ.’  – Dr. Issam Nemeh

Once again, Philip Keller had a song playing in his mind. This time he needed the help of Dr. Issam Nemeh in spiritualizing the lyrics. It is the Don Henley song, ‘The End of Innocence.’
Philip wonders if this passage means something for the U.S.A. … Continue reading

COPD Cure: “I haven’t Needed My Oxygen Tank for Nine Years”



Listen, as Nehemiah Balser describes how his COPD Curedoctors still can’t believe his miraculous recovery from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, an ‘irreversible’ lung disorder. One prayer from Dr. Issam Nemeh resulted in his Continue reading

Miracle Moment – A Doctor’s Story


Dr. Patricia Kaine is one of the reasons why Dr. Issam Dr. Patricia KaineNemeh received national attention four years ago as she appeared with Dr. Nemeh on the Dr. Oz Show. Her terminal case of Pulmonary Fibrosis, scarring on her lungs, disappeared with her visits to Dr. Nemeh’s office. You will hear the stunned response of Dr. Oz in this segment.