Praying with Imagination – BFL 189


praying with imaginationPrayer
Is Jesus in the room when you pray? Is Blessed Mother Mary sitting next to you while praying a rosary? Have you ever imagined yourself in biblical times, walking with Jesus? These are examples of getting past the words of prayers and feeling the Continue reading

“My doctor can’t believe that God healed me.” Relief from Degenerative Disc Disease


Miracle Moment – “My doctor can’t believe that Ann CelestiniGod healed me from Degenerative Disc Disease”

Degenerative discs in her spine had left nurse Ann Celestini in chronic pain. Her pain was only somewhat alleviated by 25 Continue reading

Odor of Sanctity: Have You Experienced the Fragrance of Saints? – BFL 142


Odor of SanctityThe Odor of Sanctity
Add Mother Angelica to the list of future Saints. Her very distinctive scent was detected by Dr. Issam Nemeh while praying for herĀ on Good Friday. Others, who were present during the prayer and nearby as she Continue reading

Devil in Disguise – BFL 49


Does everybody ‘go to the light’ when they die? Marcia & HowardApparently not. This week we talk to Howard Storm whose near-death experience took him far from heaven … to a demonic place filled with darkness. Howard, a lifelong atheist, had a life-changing near-death experience. His story shows us that God never gives up on us … even after death.

Debra & Michel

Miracle Moment – Debra and Michel Kyles can thank William Shatner for their miracles! Although the TV program, “Weird or What”, isn’t in my top 100 favorites … a program that they did on Dr. Issam Nemeh has led to many healings for this couple, including a neck injury and the need for kidney dialysis. Phasers on stun(ning). (Segment begins at 55 minutes)

Issam’s Insight – The story of Howard Storm (above) has Dr. Nemeh talking about the Fallen Angels and their continued evil influence on us and the world. Also, what can we do to shorten the stay of those in Purgatory? Can those with mental illness be returned to normal? (Segment begins at 41)