Red Dragon / Black Dragon – BFL 121 – Revised


DragonWhile Tom Hanks is defending a Russian spy in the real life story, Bridge of Spies, the modern-day Russians have vowed to protect the Christians in the Middle East. Are the bad guys now the good guys? Continue reading

Miracle Moment – 20 Years of MS is Gone


Liz Simmons HAD Multiple Sclerosis for twenty years. It’s Liz Simmonsgone! She HAD irreversible Optic Neuritis. It’s gone! She was one of the three women who saw the icon of the Blessed Mother come to life in the office of Dr. Issam Nemeh. Liz describes the vision.

You Don’t Have to be a Star to be In God’s Show – BFL 94


BFL_StarinGodsShowCome as you are! Don’t you just love it when a friend says that to you in a spontaneous invitation. Someone who cares about you is saying, “I don’t care what you look like or how you are dressed, just come!”

God doesn’t care where you are in your faith right now. He doesn’t care at what level you Continue reading

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? – BFL 92


BFL_ProblemLikeMariaWhat a stunner! The Holy Spirit drops a bombshell in this episode. The Sound of Music takes over this week where the Wizard of Oz left off last week. The ‘horse of a different color’, that will once again open the doors to the Dr. Oz Show, is clarified by the music that is being celebrated in it’s 50th Anniversary year. The revelation is Continue reading

Why Must I Suffer? – BFL 60


“Hey God, after all I’ve done for you, why must I still suffer?”

First, we must remember that Jesus told us that the ruler of this world is Lucifer. If we understand that, and that our job in this life is to mute the influence of a fallen angel, by suffering through this world and dying a believer in Christ, we begin to see the blessings in our suffering.

It’s interesting that the woman who is highlighted in our Miracle Moment, from the age of three, wanted to be a suffering saint. Indeed, she has suffered with a debilitating disease, but has continued to show the joy and peace of Jesus Christ to others.

Miracle Moment – Veronica ChismVeronica & husband, Tim has been leveled by Guillain-Barré Syndrome. The disease attacks the nerves throughout the body, and can be fatal when it affects the lungs and heart. Veronica has been in a wheelchair for the last three years and on oxygen 24/7 for the past year. Since coming to a healing service in Cincinnati, Ohio, two weeks ago, her turnaround has been remarkable.
(Segment begins at 15 minutes)

Continue reading

You’re Nothin’ But a Dreamer – BFL 54


Do you know the story of Amy Purdy?

Amy Purdy TED Talk

Amy Purdy TED Talk

At the age of nineteen, her dreams were crushed when she lost her legs. How would she ever be able to snowboard again?
Amy just won back to back World Cup Snowboarding Championships! Plus, she finished 2nd in this season’s Dancing with the Stars! She has come to find that the tragedy was a blessing. Truly inspiring!


Miracle Moment – YMarshon & Irv Ericksonet another reversal of a terminal condition. Irv Erickson had a year and a half to live … four years ago. Irv and his wife, Marshon, are watching a daily miracle.
(Segment begins at 23 minutes)

Issam’s Insight – Who’s got it right…the Catholics or the Protestants? Who’s more inspired? Why are we fighting each other?
(Segment begins at 31 minutes)