The Innocent Jesus – BFL 211


The Innocent Jesus‘Through human history, the only innocence is within the innocent one… Christ.’  – Dr. Issam Nemeh

Once again, Philip Keller had a song playing in his mind. This time he needed the help of Dr. Issam Nemeh in spiritualizing the lyrics. It is the Don Henley song, ‘The End of Innocence.’
Philip wonders if this passage means something for the U.S.A. … Continue reading

The Miracle Story of Tim Fishe – BFL 10


Tim & Lise Fishe

Miracle Moment – “My doctor looked at me like he had seen a ghost. ‘You don’t need me anymore,’ he said.” Tim had been given one year to live as he battled aggressive cancer and crushing pain. Tim’s priest, Fr. Karl, insisted that Tim personally deliver the Sunday ‘miracle’ homily.

Issam’Insight – “There is something more important than getting to heaven.”

The Miracle Story of Bob Venzor – BFL 9


Bob & Deb Venzor

Miracle Moment – The Cleveland Clinic and University Hospital knew that prostate cancer surgery would not save Bob’s life. They gave him two years to live. Instead, a Higher Authority removed the deadly cancer!

Issam’s Insight – “Bible confusion. Are you reading about Our Heavenly Father or the god of this world?”