Our Angel in Heaven – Ryan Housholder – BFL 213


One of our dearest friends, Ryan Housholder, 33, passed away this week. We send our deepest sympathies to his mother, Michelle Baucco Kapes; father, Bill; and brother, Randy. Ryan succumbed to an infection, after an 11 year battle with the paralysis that followed a diving accident. Continue reading

Miracle Moment – Denise Voss


Such a freak accident. Denise was Denise Vossstanding on a ladder, knocking icicles off the rain gutter with a broom. However, one icicle was like a dagger as it fell and hit her on the left temple. Denise plummeted to the ground, slamming her back. The fall left Denise Voss a motionless quadriplegic. Continue reading

Miracle Story of Denise Voss – BFL 3


Denise VossMiracle Moment“I wished I was dead, until …” A quadriplegic sat motionless for a year following the most freakish of accidents. God, and the “Physician of Unshakeable Faith,” have changed that.

Issam’s Insight – “Who is the biggest target of evil?”