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All Christians are celebrating Easter this weekend. Inside the actual tomb of Christ, a mist of fire will rise out of the stone slab that Jesus was laid upon, then form a column of fire within the tomb. This Continue reading

Without a Shroud of Doubt – BFL 39


Miracle Moment – Here are three pictures depicting the Shroud Positiveimage of Jesus Christ. The first is the Man in the Shroud, from the Shroud of Turin, believed to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ.
Shroud Enhanced The second, with the help of a computer, is the very same image with the wounds removed and the characteristics enhanced.

The third image was painted by a young Lithuanian American, Akiane Kramarik, who Jesus has appeared to. Jesus by Akiane KramarikBoth Dr. Issam Nemeh and the boy depicted in the movie “Heaven Is For Real,” Colton Burpo, say this is the closest depiction of any picture they have ever seen of Jesus Christ.

David Onysko is one of the foremost experts on the Shroud of Turin. He shares with us the latest scientific findings on what many experts believe to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ. All the signs of the crucifixion are there, including the crown of thorns and the spear wound in the side. Most interestingly, though, is the image of the man imprinted into the cloth in a way that has never been duplicated. The moment of resurrection appears to be left for us to see.
(Segment begins at 3 minutes)

Heaven Is For Real – Good Friday is the opening day for the movie, “Heaven Is For Real“. The book is incredible. If the movie is just half as good… Young Colton Burpo experiences Jesus Christ and heaven while undergoing surgery at the age of four. He came back from heaven knowing the unknowable. I have a clip from the movie.
(Segment begins at 25 minutes)

Holy Fire – The Miracle of the Holy Fire will occur again this Saturday. Every year, the day before Orthodox Easter, inside the tomb of Jesus Christ, a mist of fire coats the slab of stone where Jesus Christ’s body laid. That fire will light candles that are held by thousands of believers. Ever heard this story? For us Christians, especially in the United States, I believe it’s the Greatest Story Never Told.
(Segment begins at 31 minutes)

Issam’s Insight – When did Jesus know that he was God? When did he know that he would die on the cross? Did he always know? Dr. Nemeh explains how the most painful aspect of the crucifixion was that for the first time, Jesus was disconnected from his Father. It wasn’t until the crucifixion that Satan fully understood who this man was. Evil’s influence on this world was immediately changed at the moment of Christ’s death. This segment is extremely powerful and informative!
(Segment begins at 37 minutes)

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