‘Irreversible’ Ménière’s Disease Is Healed Again


Miracle Moments

Ménière’s disease is an irreversible disorder. It affects hearing and balance. Thanks to sparks ignited by her friend Shelly, Evelyn Osterberg has quite a story to tell her doctor. Continue reading

Holy Spirit Dwells Only within Those Who Apply Their Faith – BFL 206


“I could love the Lord Jesus, but if I did not apply my Christianity in my daily life, which is the illness of this age, the Holy Spirit would not dwell within me.” — Dr. Issam Nemeh

Dr. Issam Nemeh discusses the attributes of love that invite the Holy Spirit into our lives. Acceptance of God’s will in our life is crucial.

Continue reading

Healing Denied, “Until I Forgave My Ex”


Miracle Moment
Richard Deville was a familiar face at Dr. Issam Nemeh healing services. Richard received partial healings for years. Once again, when Richard’s mindset changed, as is Continue reading

Our True Colors


Tess Lashley had every reason to be sour and angry.Instead, she chose niceness. Saddled by pain throughout her body from bone cysts, arthritis, spinal stenosis, diabetes, stage III kidney disease, and a blood Continue reading

Just a Name in a Prayer Basket


Miracle Moment – Pancreatic Cancer Healed
At a Dr. Issam Nemeh healing service, Carol Zore-Laurie placed into the prayer basket the name of a neighbor who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The friend had been Continue reading

Six Minute Rice


Miracle Moment – Six Minute RiceBecca Rice
Becca Rice shares her many miracles in just six minutes. So let’s call this Episode… Six Minute Rice. The miracles include a bone moving, spine straightening, voice returning, Continue reading

The Weird or What Miracle


Miracle Moment – Weird or WhatDiane_Luke Beland
This would fall under the ‘God works in mysterious ways’ category. Thank you William Shatner. Diane and Luke Beland drove twelve hours from Canada to have Diane’s Continue reading