Healing and the Return to Faith


Miracle MomentMarie Brooks with Parents

Yet another beautiful multiple sclerosis reversal. Marie Brooks is healing by the day. Betty and Tony Alexinas talk about their daughter’s healing, as well as, how Blind Faith Live led them to healing and the creation of their own 8-lane highway connection to God.

What’s the Buzz Jesus? Are You Touching Everybody? – BFL 143


What's the Buzz Jesus?“I believe,” says a Buddhist who just received healing through the prayers of Dr. Issam Nemeh. We have all noticed the sharp uptick in miracle stories surrounding Dr. Nemeh. It seems almost everybody is being touched by Continue reading

The Committed Faithfulness of Mother Angelica – BFL 140


Committed Faithfulness of Mother AngelicaDeep and Constant Faith in the Lord
“Lord, I gotta have one of these.” These were the words of Mother Angelica in the 70’s while walking into a television studio for the first time. The dream began. And because of the committed faithfulness of Mother Angelica, the Continue reading

Are You Accepting God’s Forgiveness? – BFL 134


God's forgivenessAre You Accepting God’s Forgiveness

God forgives us when we repent of our sins. Have you accepted His forgiveness?

Many of us carry guilt and sin that has already been forgiven by God. If we have not Continue reading