New Warning in the Sky for 2017 – BFL 175


warning in the skyWarning in the Sky
Revelation Chapter 12 is coming to life in the sky above. Jupiter (the King planet) just entered the constellation Virgo (the Virgin). The planet will reside inside the Virgin for nine months. When the King planet exits, Continue reading

Left or Right? Do Religious Leaders Know the Way? – BFL 172


BFL_LeftOrRightKnow the Way?
We are at a fork in the road. It’s decision time. Do religious leaders know the way? Was it easier in the beginning of the Church? The apostles performed miracles. Continue reading

Church and State: A Bad Romance – BFL 160


Church and StateChurch and State

Let’s do this in a series of questions for Dr. Issam Nemeh. His answers will have you rethinking your Christian belief system.

  • How separate do we keep church and state?
  • Should there be laws restricting abortion?
  • Should there be laws restricting anyone wishing to be married to anybody?
  • Should priests ever withhold the Eucharist from public figures who favor abortion rights?

Continue reading

This is Holy Ground


Issam Insights with Dr. Issam NemehDr. Issam Nemeh
Heavenly events leave a mark. Holy ground is created. Places are forever holy. This has played out over the centuries where Earth collided with heaven. It still occurs now where the miraculous happens. Continue reading

Atomic Prayers


Atomic PrayersAtomic Prayers
Not even a nuclear bomb could destroy a church that stood a mere 8 blocks away. Isn’t it fortifying when God demonstrates that He is here with us? When the world’s first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Continue reading