Thanks – Giving – BFL 71


Thanks - givingThis was new for me. Having a moment by moment, breath by breath discussion with God over what the topic would be for this week’s podcast. Think I’m kidding? I never knew this kind of relationship was possible until I was actually recording this episode.

The end result is a lyric taken from Sly and the Family Stone … thank you for letting me be myselfAgain. It’s my Thanksgiving prayer to God, and I hope a message for you. An aspect of my radio career is now the driving force behind the podcast!

Miracle Moments YouTube Video with Ann Henning

Miracle Moment – My digital recorder is rollingAnnette Pierce as Annette Pierce walks into Dr. Nemeh’s medical office with Ménière’s Disease and Fibromyalgia. She leaves transformed.
(Segment begins at 30 minutes)

Issam’s Insight with Dr. Issam Nemeh – When you can see God’s hand in every single moment of your day, you have just insured yourself the greatest peace ever imagined. You are living in heaven … now.
(Segment begins at 41 minutes)

*Bonus ..
Dana Beagle has been trying to help her husband, Judge Duncan BeagleDuncan, a judge in Michigan, to get out of his wheelchair for many years. She joins me to give an update on the judge’s progress and to note the huge difference in these podcasts, since I’ve returned to my radio roots to ‘always be recording’.

2 thoughts on “Thanks – Giving – BFL 71

  1. hi philip, I was at the Cleveland healing service this past sunday. I witnessed the healing of at least two people. it was truly remarkable.

    I was thinking about how you could expand your podcast listeners. send blind faith live brochures to local pastors and priests also run small ad in local church papers. I think once people start listening to some of the podcasts they will be compelled to tell others.

  2. Hi! Philip I listen to all your podcasts and look forward to them. It’s truly a miracle for all. I have seen Dr. Nemeh a few years ago, fell in the Holy Spirit long to have stronger connection with Jesus. I know through out my life, I have seen and felt things only my God has shown. Your podcast are wonderful, keep it up you will know when the time comes, be patient. God Bless! Kim Kellar

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