The Arranged Marriage of Issam and Kathy Nemeh


Issam Insights with Dr. Issam Nemeh:Kathy & Dr. Issam Nemeh
Allowing God to be your wedding planner can result in a most interesting union. Such is the case with the arranged marriage of Issam and Kathy Nemeh. Neither planned to get married. Kathy had just ‘almost’ been proposed to. But when Kathy’s mom told her, “I just met the man you’re going to marry,” their worlds shifted. Two very different individuals were thrown together. Both were always willing to let God direct their lives. Dr. Nemeh realized that God was sending him a partner to assist him in his work. Kathy submitted to God’s wishes that she forgo her life’s dream in order to do God’s will.

The end result is a dynamic duo. When they pray… Things happen, amazing things.

This fascinating couple also reminds us of an upcoming day of marriage enrichment. Philip and Elizabeth Keller will be presenters at the Marriages of Grace Event, Saturday, April 16, 2016. The retreat will be held at the DoubleTree Inn in Independence, Ohio. See all the information at Marriages of

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  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the most amazing couple that my family and myself are so BLESSED to have in our lives. Thank you Dr. Issam Nemeh and Kathy for all you do for us all. Your family is always in my prayers and thoughts and will treasure our friendship forever. Thank you Blessed Mother Mary and the Holy Spirit coming thru them both to reach us all. God Bless your family in Syria keep them safe and healthy. ??❤️???❤️???????

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