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The Case for ChristWe talk with producer David A.R. White about his latest movie, The Case for Christ. The movie chronicles journalist Lee Strobel’s sojourn from atheist to Christian. David White and his wife, actress Andrea Logan White, reflect on how God awakened their faith, which we discovered can happen at a stoplight in downtown Los Angeles. (Links below to the movie trailer, imdb profiles , the book and websites)

Issam Insights

  • What is the strongest case for Christ?
  • What’s going on in Syria?
  • Issam’s #1 message to us all.

Miracle Moment
The eyes of Waylon Bucci suddenly crossed. At age 4, he had to cover one eye in order to function. Doctors diagnosed the condition as an inoperable brain tumor that was putting pressure on the optic nerve. The tumor was growing.

Once again, the power of our intentions was demonstrated. First, Waylon’s picture was prayed over by Dr. Issam Nemeh at a healing service. This resulted in a major shrinkage of the brain tumor. Next, Waylon received a prayer in person. The miracle was completed. The tumor has shrunk to virtually nothing. Doctors are stunned and remain bewildered by the reversal

May 4th,  Faith Moves Mountains – Special Event/Night of Prayer. Click here for details and tickets.

The Case for ChristDavid A.R. White

David A.R. White – Author of Between Heaven and Hollywood. Available on Amazon

Andrea Logan White

The Case for Christ – movie trailer

Lee Strobel – author website
The Case for Christ: A Journalist’s Personal Investigation – book available on Amazon


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  1. Pureflix should make a movie about Dr. Nemeh and his 10,000 attendie healing prayer service and all the miracles!

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