The Fragrance of Saints


dr. nemehIssam Insights with Dr. Issam Nemeh – The Odor of Sanctity
Add Mother Angelica to the list of future Saints. Her very distinctive scent was detected by Dr. Issam Nemeh while praying for her on Good Friday, 2016. Others, who were present during the prayer, and nearby as she was dying, were said to have also experienced the ‘odor of sanctity’ of Mother Angelica. It is one of the clues that the church examines when classifying the elite of the faithful. For example, we have become very familiar with the flowery presence of the Blessed Mother.

Dream State
At the very moment when Dr. Nemeh was in prayer with those attending to Mother Angelica via the phone, Cindy Russo was having her own experience with the television nun. Cindy, the leader of a local St. Padre Pio Rosary Prayer Group, was experiencing REM sleep. And in her dream, Mother Angelica was talking to her and teaching her bible lessons. Cindy Russo’s dream seemed to go on for hours. (Cindy Russo in Episode 115.)