The Grace of Pictures – BFL 38


GracieMiracle Moment – for five years, a now 12-year-old girl has suffered from a malignant brain tumor. Gracie Venzor, following the lead of her dad Bob, brought a picture of the girl to a Dr. Issam Nemeh healing service. As we have documented numerous times, the pictures help us focus our healing intention. The end result was the same. The malignant tumor is now gone. Neither the girl or her family knew a prayer was being spoken. It didn’t matter. God heard the prayer and did the work. Listen as Gracie, age 23, tells of her deepening faith.
(Segment begins at 8 minutes)

Issam’s Insight – was there ever a calling for Issam Nemeh to be a priest? How does the Holy Spirit convey to Dr. Nemeh what the person standing in front of him needs at his moment of prayer?
(Segment begins at 27 minutes)

Also in this Episode …
* Noah, the movie may not be biblically accurate, but it does open the door to a better understanding of how the Holy Spirit communicates to us.
* My visit to a major league baseball play-by-play booth.
* Rhonda Reader receives a ‘message’.

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